205 N. Bullock Street, Whittemore, MI 48770 (Thursday & Friday: 10am - 4pm) (Sat: 10am-1pm) Closed Sunday - Wednesday

Retail Location Coming Soon!

Big news! We recently purchased the old Chemical Bank in Whittemore, Michigan and are turning it into a retail store. We will be selling our specialty lumber, live edge slabs, home and cabin decor, lasered wood art, carving blocks, taxidermy products, wood slices and more out of the 3,600 square foot facility. We will still be selling online at janishwoodworks.com but are very excited to open up this physical space to woodworkers, hobbyists, DIYers, and home/cabin owners throughout the midwest.
We are currently still in the renovation process, but we hope to open the store sometime this spring. Stay tuned for more information and an anticipated opening date.
Inside Retail Store

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